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Ascension was founded in 1993 under the "evil" and "inventive" name Black Future. Members in the first hours were Stefan Angerer (Angie), Christoph Nadler (Chris), Fabian Quoll (Fabi), Oliver Winterholler (Olli) and Tobias Quoll (Tobi). The sound in this times was simple structured Metal with some Punk feelings in it.
In the same year a first fix lineup came into being: Angie (g/v), Chris (g/key – yes, there were keys, but nobody must know ;-)), Olli (b) and Tobi (d). And a new name was also created: Decay.

Decay (1994) Decay (1994)
Decay: evil photos from December 1994 - never without Weizen beer... ;)
f.l.t.r.: Angie, Chris, Olli, Tobi
If you have no fear, you can find some other pics of this time in the gallery.

The first Demo-Tape Downwards was released at the beginning of 1995. After Tobi had to leave the band because of musical reasons (he played only one song on Downwards), Angi got behind the drums in February of 1996 and with Juergen Zeisberger (Zeisi) came another guitarist. At this time, the style slowly developed to Melodic Death Metal. As Angie quitted the band in summer of 1996, there was a longer break. Olli joined the Gothic Deathers Phosys, so there were only the two guitarists left, who wrote songs with more or less motivation.

Aftere there was found a new drummer in the autumn 1997, Holger Schmalisch (Holgi), and Olli came back after the temporary end of Phosys, there was finally a real band again. A new name for the band, Ascension, was found quickly. In February 2000 Davud Boehm (Davud) entered the band as vocalist to unburden the six-stringers.


Ascension (2000) Ascension (2001)
Ascension June 2000
back: Chris, Zeisi, Davud / front: Olli, Holgi
Ascension at the beginning of 2001
f.l.t.r.: Davud, Olli, Zeisi, Chris, Holgi

After a lot of labour, the first Ascension-Demo Walking On The Psychopath was released at the end of March 2001. Davud left the band in July 2001 because of lack of time and motivation and Founding member Olli left the band also in July because he couldn't raise enough motivation.

This was the point when Ascension was nearly dead and also Holgi left the band. After a short break of two months, the two left members, Zeisi and Chris, decided to go on and found new musicians: Robin Fischer (bass, also playing with Red To Grey at this time) and Martin Szillat (drums, ex Last Salvation).

Ascension (2001) Ascension (2003)
Ascension at the end of 2001
f.l.t.r.: Zeisi, Martin, Chris, Robin
Ascension at the end of 2003
f.l.t.r.: Martin, Chris, Zeisi, Malle

In Summer 2002, Robin quitted Ascension because he wants to concentrate on his main band Red To Grey. For the recordings of the first (selentitled) CD, Olli filled in for him and did the mix besides the bass tracks. He was on stage for some gigs, too, but he quitted the band definetively in April 2003. His follower was Matthias Urban (Malle), which plays in the Thrash band S|T|O|R|M, too.
In June 2004 the next change in lineup was done: Because Malle had much time problems with studying and playing in his other band STORM, we decided by mutual agreement that a breakup with him is the best. After one year there came an old well-known back - Olli, who was itching to play music again.

Ascension (2004)
Ascension in summer 2004
f.l.t.r.: Martin, Chris, Zeisi, Olli
Ascension in summer 2007 (UFTG festival)
f.l.t.r.: Chris, Markus, Olli, Zeisi

In spring 2006 Martin quitted the band because of personal reasons. We knew this for much longer, but Martin agreed to play as long as we found a successor.
Our new drummer was Daniel Falkenstein, who came to Augsburg because of his new place of work.
After few months of rehearsal, Daniel decided not to play in Ascension anymore. The reason was, that he wanted to play the old-school, straight Death Metal which isn't possible with Ascension.
In spring/summer 2007 Markus Wiedmann filled in on the vacant drum seat. Markus is an old friend of the band members and amongst other things also a combatant at various festivals and concerts.

Ascension plays Melodic Death Metal (not the Sweden Standard), which is sometimes crossed by classical, strange and jazzy parts and contains some other (Metal) styles, too.

Band names
Ascension: end of 1997
Decay: 1993-1996
Black Future: 1993

Former band members
Daniel Falkenstein (Drums, 2006)
Martin Szillat (Drums, 2001-2006)
Matthias Urban (Bass, 2003-2004)
Robin Fischer (Bass, 2001-2002)
Holger Schmalisch (Drums, 1997-2001)
Davud Böhm (Vocals, 2000-2001)
Decay / Black Future:
Stefan Angerer (Guitar/Vocals/Drums, 1993-1996)
Tobias Quoll (Drums, 1993-1995)

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