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15. März 2008 - Profile update

After a short time of waiting you can access the profile of our new drummer:
Markus' profile


August 7, 2007 - New drummer

Finally, there are some news regarding the lineup change on the drums: Since spring of this year, the drum seat is owned by Markus Wiedmann. There'll be a new band photo and a profile update online soon.

We really don't know how long the recordings continue to be delayed. The pilot guitars and click tracks for the drums will be recorded once again anyway, because tempos changed in the last two years when they were recorded.


September 25, 2006 - Another lineup change on the drums!

In German, there's a saying "The only lasting thing is the change". Unfortunately, this applies exactly to our permanent lineup changes. After few months of rehearsal, Daniel decided not to play in Ascension anymore. The reason is, that he wants to play the old-school, straight Death Metal which isn't possible with Ascension. We wish him all the best for his musical future and we'll stay in contact with him like with all ex-members.

This means that the forthcoming recordings will be delayed much further. We've possibly got an eye on a successor, but perhaps we program the drums ourselves. We'll see...


May 20, 2006 - New drummer / status of the coming CD / live recording
We were aware of Martin quitting the band since a long time, if we'd find a new drummer. He agreed to rehearse with us until we found someone new and also recorded the titel track for our forthcoming CD (more to that topic a few lines below). Our new rhythm machine listens to the name Daniel and comes originally from Saarbruecken and has come to Augsburg because of working issues. Fighting with the bavarian dialect, he'll be slowly worked in, because he's got to record the most drum parts for the new album (except for the mentioned track above). That means, that the recordings themselves delay once more - but you know, we have enough time ;-) Daniel

Our forthcoming CD will be named Sorrow. We cannot give any realistic estimation of time when the CD will be recorded because of the reasons above. But we hop we can still finish in 2006.

As a kind of a "farewell present" we recorded the last rehearsal with Martin and put the song The Spineless online for download. Please expect no marvel, for it is a rehearsal recording. ;-)


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