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September 4, 2005 - order form for t-shirts online / pre production has begun

After a long time we finally set a order/interest form for our shirts online. If we have a price for the shirts, you'll receive an email. Then you can decide whether you'd like to order the shirt or not. Because we have still only a little sparetime, we can't say when the shirts are ready at last. We hope, we'll get this going until the end of the year. Don't be afraid, the shirts will definitively come. It's done when it's done! ;-)

The same quote can also be applied to our next CD. At the time, we are creating the click tracks and the pilot guitars for the drum recordings. We take our time...


April 2, 2005 - Yes, we still exist... ;-)

Sorry for the long delay. Because of work and studying the whole band is so occupied, that we can only make little steps. Anyway, the songs are ready (except for a long instrumental track) and are refined during our rehearsals. We hope to start the recordings in summer and release the CD in 2005. But who knows, what will happen? The artwork is ready, too (looks great - mainly because we didn't do it this time ;-)) as well as the title. We'll publish the song titles soon on the discohraphy page...

The motive for the shirt is ready since half of a year, but because of the abovementioned reasons, there is nothing completed yet. But we start with this before long and setup a little order page, which you have just to fill out if you've got interest.


September 12, 2004 - Shirts / CDs  

Shortly, we'll print the first T-Shirts in the history of opur band. It'll be a very small edition and we'll sell the shirts at cost price (probably 10 to 12 Euro, you'll get excact informations when they are ready. Just write us an email if you are interested.
Furthermore, we offer you the last copies of our debut CD that we have for a super special price: 5 EURO (incl. shipping within Germany). Look in the shop for foreign shipping.
Another review is also online (from the Heavyhardes-Zine).

Click thumbnail for bigger pic


June 13, 2004 - New "old" bass player  

Because Malle has much time problems with studying and playing in his other band STORM, we decided by mutual agreement that a breakup with him is the best.

After one year there's an old well-known coming back - Olli, who is itching to play music again.



April 7, 2004 - Winners / MP3s & Pics

First again congrats to the three winners of our competition. Have fun with the CD!

We also have enlarged the MP3 section a littile bit - more samples and another complete song from our current CD are available now. After a long time the pics from our gig at the U2 club in 2000 are online again.


February 21, 2004 - competition / more news

We want to point again at our competition which is available until March, 15. If you want to have a chance to get one free just click here.

A new review by Eternity zine is also online (German).
We're just woking out the songs for our next CD - at the moment the half of the music is finished. Because we don't make ourselves any stress, the release won't be before summer 2005 ;-)

Verlosung / competition


December 28, 2003 - new pic / competition

This ist the last update for this year. We've got some pics for you from our gig in Koenigsbrunn (Augsburg). Thanks to all the freaks and headbangers, it was a cool party! You can find the pics in the gallery (German page).

After you survived Christmas days, we want to wish you a good start for 2004. Come back again to our hompage!!
At the end of the year we start a little competition where you can win three copies of our current CD: Click here for the competition.


October 30, 2003 - gig date

December 13th at Juze Koenigsbrunn (Augsburg) together with Cropment (CH), Final Breath and Certified Insane.


August 28, 2003 - gig date

On September 6, we'll play together with Creative Urge and two other bands at the Juze in Diessen.


July 6, 2003 - new bass player on board

The search for a new bass player is finished. The new entrant answers to the name of Malle and plays also in the band STORM (Neo Thrash). His profile is already online, check it out!


June 9, 2003 - new pics / new reviews / band of the month

Because we have a little summer slump at the moment - including the search for a new bass player, which will be hopefully completed soon - there's only a little update.
We've got another pics from our gig at Youze Koenigsbrunn (thx 2 Sane), take a look at the gallery (still only available in the German section).
We've also added the reviews we got for our current CD (there are some in English language, check them out!) --> press.
And we've got to announce something: We are (really surprisingly) voted band of month in deathgrind zine. We can't say if it's for our excessive touring or the numerous releases (I hope you get the irony without the tag *g*), but we're really glad about this - thanks to Andy & Co. Take a look at the current deathgrind issue (for the first time as pdf, it looks f***ing awesome)!


April 20, 2003 - 10 years / first reviews / new download / Sampler

On Eeaster Sunday, 10 years ago, the precursor of Ascension, "Black Future" (later "Decay") was founded. Because we're following another musical track today, we don't want to make a big ballyho about it. But we have, as little gag, uploaded a song from our 1995 Decay tape "Downwards". You reach the song on our "birthday page" by clicking on our logo above.
Current news: The first reviews of our new CDs are written, you can find them in the press section (sorry, most of them are German - at the moment). We have another complete song of this CD online, look at media.
Take also a look at our shop, we have two new samplers there, check it out...


April 14, 2003 - Gig on 12.4. / new pics

We want to thank Malle and Renning (lechmetal) and all visitors, who have supported us late at night at Youze in Koenigsbrunn. It was a lot of fun to play there. Unfortunately, there are also bad news: It was the last gig in which Olli helped us out. It's bad, but we can't change that anymore - but a big extra thank goes to Olli for playing on our new CD and the two last concerts.
We made some pics at the gig (thx again to Malle and SatanicForce), you can find them in the gallery (German pages).

In the next time, there'll be another complete song from our new CD to download. Stay tuned!


March 18, 2003 - Next gig / CD release of Ascension

The next gig - together with Human Destroyer and Backslash - will be at Juze Königsbrunn, April 12th. More infos will follow.

New CD:Listen to the songs here.
You can order the CD here.
Any questions left?
If yes, click here.


March 3, 2003 - Atlantida compilation

The new Atlantida compilation (Vol 18.) has been released. We're on it with "Mors Interruptum".
Other bands: S|T|O|R|M, Hatred Divine, Septic Flesh (NL) , S.R.L (I), Celestial Ode (GR), Melancholic Demise and much more (20 bands/songs are on that sampler! It's really worth the price!).
You can order your copy for a fair price of 10 Euro (incl. shipping costs). Just send us a short mail and ask for details! But we've got only a limited number of pieces, so you got to be fast or order directly at Atlantida...

And: The special prices for our forthcoming CD are valid to March 18th. Order your copy now!


February 12, 2003 - New song samples are online

You do the following: Download our song samples and order our forthcoming CD. Now! :-)
"The Grimace Of Angst" ist now a 99% version from the CD. OK, let's go. Download here!


February 9, 2003 - News archive is online again / Release date

The news archive is now online again, you can find it here on the main page, at the bottom of the current news. The old entries aren't formatted yet, that will be done the next time.
The release date of our forthcoming debut CD is March, 18th. It's already mixed and needs only a little fine tuning before it goes to the pressroom. We'll put some song samples and the final version of "The Grimac Of Angst" online then.


January 4, 2003 - New guestbook / Preorder our forthcoming CD

Because the old guestbook had lousy loading times and displayed all entries on the same page (couldn't change that unfortunately), we installed a new one. Write something in - please!
We don't know exactly the date when our CD is ready (we think February, it's only got to be mixed, mastered and pressed), but you can preorder our CD for fine conditions. Read here (you are relocated to the German site, but the page is translated).


January 1, 2003 - New design is online - Check it out!

Finally, it's done - Because our self-entitled CD will be released in some weeks, also the new homepage design is online. The categories are similar to the old ones, we think, that you'll get into it very fast (Media = Downloads, Community = Guestbook and Forum).
English pages are still offline, because they've got to be translated and adjusted to the new design. Please report "bugs" and missing links to the Webmaster. Thank you!


December 22, 2002 - Concert is over...

The gig at Juze Diessen was great! Thanx again to Nico respectively Creative Urge for inviting us to this party. Thanks also to the many visitors, mainly to the bangers in the first row, you were cool! Both thumbs up!!! For pictures (thx to Ronny for shooting them) click here.

14 Dec 02
The Flyer is online. Furthermore, we replaced the preview song "The Grimace Of Angst" with a hearable version. It's not the final mix, but close to the final result. You can find it in the download section.

28 Nov 02
News: We'll play our first gig since over two years, at Juze Dießen on the occasion of the CD realease party of Creative Urge. Also playing: Of course Creative Urge as well as Flung Vortex and Damokles. We hope that it'll be a cool Metal party. Infos and the flyer are online soon...

29 Oct 02
It's time again to inform you again about the progress of recording: The guitar tracks are already recorded, only the vocals of two songs are still missing but will be recorded this week.
After that, bass and mixing/mastering follows. We estimate end of the year as release date.
Because our first full-length CD is a new chapter in history of Ascension, we'll give our homepage a new design.

31 Aug 02
Little Update: The rest of the Wacken-Pics is up, and some other updates on some other pages.

26 Jul 02
Like promised, you can listen to a song from our CD in the download section. Please consider that this is a raw-raw-raw mix, the song is completely unworked and without any bass track. Because it probably will take a long time until we can present you a CD version, we have decided to put something online by now. The song doesn't represent the direction in which our material will tend to. Variety is like a law for us. We'd be glad if somebody tells us her/his opinion in our forum or guestbook. Thanx...

21 Jul 02
The last two reviews of our "Walking..." Demo CD are online now, you can check them out in the press section, under reviews. We're on the 1st Sampler of Vates Noctis webzine with the "Black in Men" song from this CD. This sampler will be released the next time and we hope, that many of you get this fine stuff (73 minutes of Metal for only 8 Euros, shipping not included), because the profit of the CD sales will be donated to children who suffer from cancer.

Check out the download section in the next few days. There'll be a sample from our forthcoming CD to download.

29 Jun 02
Our bass player Robin leaves Ascension, because he wants to concentrate himself more on his main band Red To Grey. We wish him good luck for his musical future.

The recordings for our s/t CD are now in progress. 3 songs are already "in the can" (except for bass and vocals - You can get more informations on the recordings here). We are confident of finishing the recordings in summer. We don't know, when the CD is released at last. The bass tracks are recorded by an old friend, Olli, who played the bass until July 2001. Whether he rejoins the band or not, is not clear yet.

29 Apr 02
We've got a new forum at Thx a lot to Evil Nick and his team! Feel free to post, also as a guest, you haven't got to be a registered member...

05 Apr 02
We opened the Press section today. You can read completely all available reviews (at the moment only for our Demo CD "Walking on the psychopath") and interviews there. Just risk an eye (or two)!
Unfortunately, most reviews and interviews are in German (hope you are able to understand a little bit), and I don't think they'll get translated somewhere in time, sorry...

We are on the Nemesis-Mag sampler CD with our song "Vertigo". Check out their homepage and buy this awfully made print-zine with inties of Fleshcrawl, Tankard, Glondemir and reviews and and and... Only in German language...

27 Mar 02
Finally, the recordings start next Sunday. Song tittles are also available, it may be that there's a change in titles with the new songs which are without text. The studio report is now available in English.

23 Feb 02
Accompanying to the recordings of the new CD, you can read our studio report. It shows chronologically the progress of the recordings and tells silly stories :-D. For the time being in German, unfortunately...

Because the "Walking..." demo is out of stock, we put all songs in good 192Kbit quality to our Download section.

03 Feb 2002
Some new pics uploaded, shot by Ronny (thx a lot...). In the next weeks, the Band section will be revised and restructured. Keep an eye on it!

04 Jan 2002
"...nowhere", a song from our forthcoming CD (spring/summer 2002), is now ready to be downloaded.It's just a live recorded track, but its quality is acceptable.


24 Dec 2001
Because our old forum decided to leave us (was shitty anyway...), we got - as quasi christmas present (hohoho) - a new for you, a really better one. Take a look and leave us many messages, it would give us a pleasure.

22 Dec 2001
To reduce the time while loading the guestbook, we archived all entries of the year 2000. We also added song samples in Download section.

16 Dec 2001
Sad news has reached us: Chuck Schuldiner, boss of Death and Control Denied has lost his fight against his disease. One of the greatest Death Metal musicians and also an inspiration, is dead. Chuck, we got to say Thanx for your music, which will live on forever. R.I.P. :-(

21 Nov 2001
You can read two interviews with us at and Mordor Metal Mag.

29/10/01: You can find first informations on the two new musicians at The Band / Members.

15/10/01: BACK FROM THE DEAD! After Ascension has nearly died, we are alive again. A new bassman is found and - most likely - also a new drummer. For more infos on the new musicians check out this site the next time!
Marginal news: Recently we discovered that our webspace package contains two domain names, so we registered If you like this URL more, take this one for linking ;-).

21/08/01: Links and Lyrics updated.

20/08/01: Since we put Ascension on hold :-(, there isn't really anything new. But we uploaded some photos of the Wacken Open Air (52!) and the CD-version of "Vertigo" in real good 192 KBit quality. Just look under Downloads!

30/07/01: After Davud, a co-founder of the band, Olli, leaves the band, because he doesn't want to play bass anymore - not the usual musical or personal differences. Even though this is a grave leaving, Ascension will further on walk on the psychopath...

24/07/01: The Website's got now - at least partially - a new look. The left navbar is decorated with a new font and the set of teeth on the upper left has switched to our "Demo-Mummy". Perhaps it stays our mascot ;-). The content changed also, the CD-Reviews were thrown away (perhaps they reappear on, a common band link-list) and the links were (will be) restructured. We also got something new, the news archive, where old news are stored. If someone still finds any bugs on the site (e.g. wrong picture paths), please mail to the webmaster. Thx...

21/07/01: Singer Davud leaves the band because of lack of time and motivation. It's not yet clear if a new singer joins the band or if the vocals will be divided unto the band members.

16/06/01: In the Band-Section you can now find more detailed information about the five Ascensioners. We also joined, a platform by musicians for musicians. Have a look there!

09/06/01: Band-Section updated. More small updates will follow...
Please report bugs here.

05/05/01: Instead of just a sample you can now download the complete "Bloodred Letter Day" song from

31/03/01: Many of you didn't belive in it anymore. But it's true, the "Walking On The Psychopath"-Demo is ready now. More information (how to get one) on this page.




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