Interview: Federico von, im Aug. 2002 mit Chris


Why did you decide to call your album "Walking on the psychopath"?
It's got no special meaning, just a nice play of words.
I don't know anymore how it came to be.

Are you supporting the album with live shows?
I nearly don't dare to say. We haven't played any Live shows for this CD. One big reason were our line up problems in Summer 2001. We wanted to play some shows this summer, but now our bass player left. Shit happens. If we can play, we'll play as a trio...

Can Ascension´s music be described as melodic death metal?
Yes, you can it define so, roughly outlined. But we have also some traditional, classical and modern riffs in our songs. It's always hard to draw a comparison to existing bands...

What can you tell me about your new recording?
It is self-titled and got 10 Tracks. We wrote a cool intro for it the last week so that the length will be about 50 minutes. We have just recorded nearly the half (the easy half ;-)) of it,and there's a lot of work left. The sound will be much better than the sound of our Demo.We think that it'll be recorded in September and released in October/November...

How would you compare your new songs to the ones in your old Decay demo tapes?
You can't compare them at all. The Decay "Downwards" Tape was simple structured Metal with some Punk feelings in it, so were the lyrics, too. We recorded the tape within a few days, so it sounds very spontaneous. Next year, the band got its 10th birthday, perhaps we put some old stuff to download then. But I think, nobody wants to hear it :-)

How was "Walking...." received in the underground?
Our demo hasn't been celebrated as a mile stone - and we didn't think or do think that it is one :-) - but we got a lot of good reviews for it, not a single bad one. We sold the edition of 100 copies and that's it...

How are Ascension´s songs composed?
We don't write our songs that we say "Oh, let's put a clean part in that song", it comes like it comes.

Which is Ascension´s music key element: melody, brutality or technical parts?
Our key element is the variety of the songs. One song shouldn't sound like another. But melodies are also an important thing in our songs.

Which are the band´s main influences?
We haven't got a special influence, perhaps you can her out some new Carcass riffs or a little bit Atheist and Cynic (few technical of course).

Any final words?
First, I gotta say thank you for your support, Federico, and I wish you luck with your webzine and a lot of visitors. Then a big Cheerz to the Metal Heads in Argentina and in the whole world. Let me finish with the words of a great man and musician: Support music not rumors!


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