Interview: Twan von, am 20.01.2002 mit Chris


Please give us a short introduction of yourself?
Hi, It's me, Chris, guitarist of Ascension. First I'd like to tell you something about our band: Ascension was founded 1993 under the name "Decay". After some lineup changes we found the sound we wanted to play - Melodic Death. Not in that Swedish way (although e.g. At The Gates are one of my favorites!), but rather a little bit more experimental. In March 2001, we released our first Demo ("Walking On The Psychopath") since 1995. The band nearly broke in Summer 2001, when our singer Davud and our bass man Olli left the band. In this situation, also our Drummer Holgi quitted. After a few weeks, we (The left ones: Other guitarist Zeisi and me) decided to go on with the band. We found new musicians: Martin (ex-Last Salvation) and Robin (bass player of the Thrashers "Red To Grey"). At the moment, we practice some old songs and write new ones for our first complete CD, to be released in Summer 2002.

Are you still satisfied with the bandname?
Yes. Cause it's got a little bit of a metaphor. We always want to advance our sound and get better.

Explain the combination of metal and jazz?
Just get Atheist in your CD-Player and you know who it's gotta sound. We aren't Atheist (we're just not these good musicians to play in THIS complex way) but we try to keep our songs more interesting by putting some clean parts in it. On the other side: We dont' say: Hey, we have got to put a clean part in this song. The clean/jazz parts come while writing the songs or they don't come.

What kind of music do you listen to yourself?
Metal. And all different kinds of it. I don't restrict to Death Metal. In my fave list, there are also Nevermore, Deftones, Psychotic Waltz, Crowbar...

Maybe trying to put other influences in new songs?
Yes, we already try to put some jazzy and classical guitar parts in our songs, but like mentioned above: This comes automatically and is not calculated before.

Why do you play music? What is your drive?
Music is one of the most important things in life. We always try to improve our sound, to get it as perfect as we can.

What kind of movies do you watch?
I'm not fixed on the genre, but I love the Tarantino style and well-made horror. Great moments of movie are: Pulp Fiction, From Dusk till dawn, Reservoir Dogs, Kalifornia, True Romance, Braindead, I Kina spiser de Hunde (great danish stuff!), U-Turn, Alien... There are so much more...

Do you collect something? Spend much money on it?
DVDs and CDs. Especially collecting DVDs is an expensive hobby...

What would you like to achieve in your life?
Puh, not an easy question. Didn't thought about it so much. Perhaps to release some fine CDs that many people like?

Do you write a diary to see if your dreams came true?
No. I rather write new songs ;-)

Which animals do you dislike? Why?
Dogs. Our neighbors breed dogs, and I had some - how can I say - unpleasant meetings with that pooches. They are simply suspect to me.

What is the name of the blue elephant of Der Maus?
Don't know. Has it got a name?

How do you expand your knowledge?
Mostly by reading.

Do you believe in telepathic magic?

Ever had an unreal experience? Tried to explain later on?
Not that I can remember. Wait, the beer got more expensive as the EURO came.

Any interest in outer space life forms?
Not really. I like SciFi, but I don't deal much with it. Ask Peter Tägtgren or Voivod...

What are your fav movies?
See above :-)

Can you imagine the thoughts of kamikaze pilots?
No. Sorry, can't answer that question.

Last rites?
First, thanx to Twan (brutals to you) for making this intie. And greetings to all the bands, zines and labels outta there: Keep the underground alive (I know it's a standard phrase, but it can't be said often enough)!


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